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Company certification ISO 9001:2000

The company has been certified ISO 9001:2000 since 14/10/2005


Company certification ISO 14001:2004

The company has been certified ISO 14001:2004 since 24/02/2010


EC labelling

The guideline 89/106/CE (acknowledged in Italy by the Presidential Decree 246/93) imposes, for all the building products, the respect of some conditions fixed by specific rules. The area of expertise on which the rules fix some limits are:

  • mechanic resistance and stability;
  • safety in the event of a fire;
  • hygiene, health and environment;
  • soundproof protection against noise;
  • energy saving and thermal insulation.
In each of these areas of expertise several characteristics are evaluated like, for example, resistance to compression, frost resistance, water absorption, capability to efflorescence. All the products undergoing the EC labelling must comply with the fixed limits and, to be marketed, they must have a “scroll” stating the EC symbol in addition to some essential characteristics of the product.

certificato CE

For the unplastered elements of 1st category, the probability of conformity to the declared value of resistance to compression reaches a confidence level equal to 95% and the production control in the company must be supervised by an external certified body.
Smorlesi has a production control in the company planned to guarantee the above-stated enabling it to declare its products as 1st category ones.
An external certification body (BVQI), through an on-going supervision (conformity attestation system 2+), certifies the production control in the company and guarantees the respect of the declared parameters and their compliance with the enforced regulations.


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