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The kiln tradition took root in Montecassiano, a city in the area of Macerata, in ancient times.
The geologic features of the ground, rich of the best clay, have favoured the establishment of factories in this area starting from the Roman time.
The SMORLESI kiln was created in 1890, as result of a tradition that has always been associated with prestigious products. The first factory was built in the Monteferro area and 20 years later, during a period of remarkable growth, the production was moved to the present plant in Vallecascia.

The first continuous kilns were replaced by the more technologically advanced tunnel type furnaces, the sizing of which is carefully analysed to obtain homogenous results, thus guaranteeing quality and a long working life. When the economic development of the Fifties and Sixties led to a significant market expansion, Smorlesi was ready. Thanks to its far-sighted industrial policy, the Company has already adapted the plants to the new technologies. It has been one of the first companies to produce tiles for indoor and outdoor use and offer a wide range of solutions in the field of sight curtain walls, roofing and flooring. Since 1990 the best quality has been guaranteed by the automation of all clay pre-processing, drying, cooking, stacking and carriage handling production processes, with the only exception of the cooked material selection, that is carried out by skilled operators, and a special section of manual products, that has been expanded even more.

The Company has implemented a “controls plan” within its organization that, in conjunction with the quality management system, ensures the compliance with the binding requirements (see product data sheets) and with those relative to operability (Italian Legislative Decree no. 626/94 and subsequent amendments, pertaining to the environment, etc.). The Company also assures the conformity of its products with the specific reference UNI standards and subjects the same to regular analyses by qualified external laboratories for a further guarantee as to their conformity. Smorlesi bricks stand the test of time, increasing in value with time, and they require no treatments or maintenance whatsoever. “The product system”, understood as a complete range of articles and a wide choice of sizes, colours and processing cycles, is another reason for the success of Smorlesi, which provides customised solutions to meet all construction requirements and designer needs. Moreover the technical-commercial team supports the customer throughout the various stages, from product design to laying.


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